Lionel Messi talked with journalists on Friday. Barca player is not feeling happy in Barcelona right now because of protests. From political sense, Messi is always neutral. Barca player does not want to talk about politics or social life; he only wants to focus on football.

Why is Messi not signing a new contract with Barcelona?

In August, Lionel opened up about leaving Barcelona a few years ago. As it seems, Messi still thinks that he won’t sign a lifetime contract with Barcelona. Lionel openly talked about his contact with Barcelona on Friday.

Lionel talked about his present situation. Argentinian player says that Barcelona is the perfect club to achieve every goal in football. At the same time, Messi needs time to think about everything. Lionel mentioned that he is pleased in Barcelona indeed and wants to finish his career with Blaugrana. Messi also said that his current decision is because of the current situation. 

In few years, he may not be happy in Barcelona, and a lifetime contract is very risky. Lionel Messi said that being comfortable in the club is his ultimate goal. If Messi isn’t enjoying playing in Barcelona, he will decide to leave. That’s a primary reason why Lionel Messi is not signing a lifetime contract.

According to rumors, Barcelona officials offered Messi as lifetime contract in summer. Lionel Messi did not sign it, and everyone thought that he wants to leave. Messi is happy with Barcelona, and he does not want to have a lifetime contract with Barcelona.

Riquelme will have a last match

Messi has big respect for Riquelme. Argentinian midfielder was playing for Villarreal for few years and made a big name. Last years of career, Riquelme spent in playing for Boca Juniors. In a few weeks, the Argentinian legend will have a farewell match, and Messi will also take part. Lionel Messi mentioned that Riquelme was kind enough to ask him to play. Lionel said that it will be a great pleasure to play that match.

About the friendship with Neymar

Messi and Neymar have a very close relationship. Both players were happy in Barcelona, but unfortunately, Neymar left Blaugrana. Messi said that he would be satisfied if Neymar joins Barcelona again. Player also mentioned that he has a closed group in WhatsApp with Neymar and Suarez