Lionel Messi is the biggest star of La Liga. Even as Ronaldo’s competitor, fans believe that Messi is above the fold when it comes to the Spanish Primera Division. Lionel Messi talked about his starting point of career and help from Cameroon’s player.

Struggle at first training

Argentinian player recalls the moment when he was first promoted to Blaugrana’s first team. Lionel Messi noted that it was a hard time for him. Promoting from the lower tier team to the first time was a dream for him. At first, Lionel was a bit struggling because he had no close friends in Blaugrana’s first team. Messi said that Samuel Eto’o became the first close friend at first team.

Advice from Barcelona’s forward

Lionel Messi recalls the valuable advice he got from Samuel. Messi noted that every time he was struggling to score a goal, Eto’o was there to help him. Barcelona’s attacking midfielder remembers the moment when Samuel gave him valuable advice. There was a few weeks gap when Lionel Messi could not score the goal. Samuel found that Lionel was very nervous about it and gave him a piece of life-changing advice. Samuel approached the Argentinean player and told him to relax and enjoy the moment. Former Barcelona’s forward told Messi to wait for a perfect moment. Samuel reminded Messi that after one goal, there would come more in the next few months. Lionel Messi took the advice from Samuel Eto’o and focused on playing rather than on scoring goals. As it seems, Samuel was right as after scoring the first goal for Barcelona, Lionel can’t be stopped.

Being the top-scorer of La Liga

As you may know, Lionel Messi became the all-time top-scorer of La Liga. Argentinian player got the award and said he is happy to play in La Liga. Barcelona’s legendary player said that Spanish Primera is the best league currently, and he is enjoying every moment playing there.