Lionel Messi met with Mundo Deportivo and gave an open-hearted interview. It was a different type of interview, we can see the other side of Messi.

What changed in the last 16 years in Barcelona

Journalists have asked him about the last sixteen years he spent in Barcelona. The captain of the team has debuted exactly 16 years ago. Lionel said that everything changed since his debut. Back then, Lionel Messi had very limited experience and over time, he grew as a great player. Argentinean player noted that teammates have changed a lot. Each of them has made him a better player.

Relationship with children

Lionel Messi said that his children love football. He has a very good relationship with kids and fortunately, the current regime gives him the chance to take care of children. Messi said that after the morning workout, he takes care of children along with wife.

Lionel said that it’s tough to take care of three kids. That’s why Lionel and his wife are very tired in the evening and go to sleep early. Messi admitted that Thiago loves football the most. Thiago is a big fan of football in general. According to Messi, Thiago loves watching matches of Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Neymar.

Living in Barcelona

Messi said that living in Barcelona is a very good decision. He is living in Barcelona for the last three decades and nothing can change the impression. Argentinean player said that he is living in Barcelona more than he lived in Argentina. At the same time, Messi said that he is happy to stay in Barcelona for a very long time. Lionel noted that he will stay in Barcelona as long as fans and club want him to stay. Messi believed that Barcelona’s project is very successful. Argentinean player wants to stay in Barcelona for more years and enjoy football.