Barcelona’s player, Lionel Messi, said that he is a big fan of Sadio Mane. Messi admitted that it’s someone who he loves to watch playing.

Messi voted for Sadio Mane

As you may know, Lionel Messi gives a vote to Sadio Mane. Argentinian player gave the first place to Senegal’s forward. Messi gave the second position to Cristiano Ronaldo, and third place was for Frankie De Jong.

Messi as a big fan of Sadio Mane

Lionel Messi admitted that he admires Sadio Mane. Senegal’s forward is a significant player for Liverpool. Mane did everything to help Liverpool in winning the Champions League last season. Keep in mind that Liverpool also played Champions League final in 2018. Against Real Madrid, The Reds were not successful, but Mane scored an essential goal.

Slowly, Sadio Mane became the player who has millions of fans around the globe. Senegal’s forward is not addicted to injuries, and his health stands strong throughout the season. Sadio Mane became the fourth-best player according to France Football.

Sadio Mane’s message to journalists

After the ceremony, Mane found that he was the fourth player of the year. Lionel Messi won the Ballon d’Or 2019, while Van Dijk became the second player. At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo took the third position, and Mane took the fourth spot.

After the ceremony, Mane posted about the prominent recognition. First of all, Liverpool’s forward was very happy. Sadio posted about his happiness and promised to fans to give everything. In the end, he noted that his dream is to win the Ballon d’Or, and maybe next year, it will be his time to celebrate that award.

Mane’s first match after big recognition

Sadio Mane played the first match after great acceptance from France Football. Liverpool’s forward was in starting line-up against Everton on Wednesday. Mane scored a goal and gave two assists. It was a perfect performance from Sadio and took the MVP award of the match.