Atletico Madrid eliminated Barcelona from Supercopa. Spanish teams are playing the Supercopa tournament in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.

After the match, the press had many questions for Lionel Messi. The legendary player of Barcelona answered few questions promptly and left the room. It was very tough for Lionel to answer the questions as his team could not get a chance to play in the final against Los Blancos.

The first half of the match

Lionel Messi noted that the first half was a tough game. Both teams could score the goal, but Barcelona’s player believes that important things happened in the second half. Lionel Messi added that in the first 45 minutes team could score goals, but it was not a lucky day for Barcelona as a whole.

Childish mistakes in defense

Barcelona’s midfielder believes that match against Atletico Madrid was perfect for the team. He believes that the team played very well as a whole, but the problem is that they could not keep up until the end. Lionel Messi said that Barcelona stood still after scoring two goals. The match should be played until the end, and that’s why the team could not come-back after Atletico’s third goal.

Messi said that the team had simple mistakes in defense. On the other hand, the team had a perfect match from the point of the attacking line. Barcelona could score four goals in just 20 minutes, but the VAR system has not registered two goals as those were breaking the rules.

Messi is confident in Ernesto Valverde

Journalists asked Messi about the confidence in Ernesto Valverde. Lionel said that the whole team has trust and confidence in the coach. Lionel noted that loss against Atletico was not the fault of Ernesto. Mess said that Barcelona lost because of players that could not play till the end. Midfielder noted that the match continues till the final whistle of the referee, and it’s a mistake to stand still during the game.