Do you think that Messi has a competition? Look at his statistics, Messi is just unstoppable. 

Pre-match preparations

The mid-week match against Slavia Prague was not successful for Barcelona. Blaugrana lost two points against weak opponents in the Champions League group and deserved criticism. After a few day’s preparations, Valverde hoped for excellent performance on Saturday evening.

1st half of the match

Lionel Messi can’t stop scoring. After the return from injury, the Argentinian player is doing magic on the pitch. Lionel was not right against Slavia, and he promised to fans to work harder. As it seems, Messi has taken his game into another level.

Barcelona player scored three goals in just 50 minutes and deserved a “King of the match” name. Match started with intense pressure from Celta Vigo. As you may know, Celta has a new coach, and he wanted to show the qualities of the club from the start. After 10 minutes, Celta was more successful in dribbles and shots than Barcelona. Unfortunately to Celta Vigo fans, Messi decided to turn on “Beast Mode.” 

Goals in the first half

Lionel Messi scored the first goal in the 23rd minute. Celta’s player played with hand in the penalty area, and the referee pointed to penalty kick spot. Lionel Messi took the ball and successfully converted shot.

On 41st minute, Celta Vigo scored a goal. Olaza was successful from the free-kick spot. Olaza scores real beauty and got applauds from Camp Nou’s audience. 

Messi was not happy with game-tying free-kick. So, he decided to show a lesson on how to score free-kick twice in a few minutes. Lionel scored free-kick on a second additional minute of the first half. Messi did an excellent job from “his spot.” It was 23 meters free-kick, and Messi can score from any point in the stadium.

2nd half of the match

In the second half, Messi decided to score another free-kick. Argentinian player was successful in the 48th minute. Barcelona’s play-maker changed the direction of the game, and Celta’s players lost hope of one point.

Griezmann’s horrible stats in Barcelona

As you may know, Lionel Messi was disappointed in the french player because of last season’s rejection. Antoine is not successful for the five matches in a row. Spanish newspaper AS posted a statistic showing that Messi and Griezmann have no connection. 

Against Slavia Prague and Celta Vigo, Argentinian and French players had no connection. Antoine gave a pass to Argentinian only once against Celta and twice against Slavia Prague. Can Griezmann turn everything around and impact on Barca’s game as Messi did? Let’s wait for the next matches.