Lionel Messi said exciting things with the journalists on Friday. Argentinian player is entirely satisfied with his achievements, and he would not swap any of those trophies for the World Cup.

It’s not correct to swap any trophy for World Cup

Lionel Messi admitted that the World Cup is always on his mind. The player said that winning the World Cup trophy is something every player is dreaming of. At the same time, Lionel admitted that it’s not right from him to say anything about swap as he is satisfied with trophies. Lionel noted that he is happy with current trophies, and thank god, he achieved lots of things in an official football career. Messi added that he could not even dream of those trophies when he was a youngster. Argentinian said that it would be massive disrespect to those championships he got trophies to swap for the World Cup. Yes, Messi says that the World Cup is the most significant achievement for anyone, but he is quite good at current championships.

The first player to score in 15 consecutive seasons of Champions League

Argentinian player scored a goal against Slavia Prague. Messi was not in top shape for the Prague match, but he could score a goal and helped Barcelona to win an important game. Yet, Slavia Prague was better in attack and had many goal attempts but could not save the game.

Messi became the first player in Champions League history who scored goals in 15 consecutive seasons. Lionel can increase his goal-scoring run in the next matches. Barcelona’s player had a problem in groin, but he could return from injury in September. As of now, Lionel feels good and wants to win trophies in Barcelona.

Barca’s dressing room is not happy with the quality

Barcelona struggled in Slavia Prague. Hosts could score the second goal, and it was unbelievable that they could not score a goal in the last minutes. Lionel Messi was not happy with the result, despite the critical three points. As it seems, Barcelona’s players are not satisfied with coach decisions.

Valverde may have the hardest times as Barcelona coach. After two historic losses in the last two seasons, Barcelona fans and officials will demand more from the Spanish coach. Let’s see how he can fight against pressure and critics.