Lionel Messi, an Argentinean striker from Barcelona, left Ronaldo behind with a goal he scored against Sociedad yesterday.

You may have already known that two geniuses of modernity continuously compete against each other in the number of goals scored in Europe’s top-5 championships.

For Messi, the goal that he scored against Sociedad was the 438th in his 474 appearances. Cristiano Ronaldo has a goal fewer in his 540 matches.

Barcelona has commented on this story on their English-language Twitter:

“The natural order of the earth has been restored,” says the Catalonians’ Post. By the way, Messi was already ahead of Ronaldo. But a few months ago, the Portuguese left the Argentine behind and kept the lead until March 7.


Barcelona are trying to keep Messi at a fabulous salary


Barcelona are working on a captain’s contract. According to some sources, the Blaugrana want to extend their contract with Messi until 2023 and offer € 50m a year in salary.

Messi’s current contract with Barcelona is until 2021. But one of the terms of the contract is that the player can leave the team for free at the end of any season.

Messi has 24 goals and 16 assists in his 31 appearances this season.


Lionel Messi is close to breaking Pele’s record


Messi’s genius move continues. The Argentine genius seems not to be going to stop. The Pele record, which seemed to be unreachable many years ago, is about to be broken soon.

Leo is only 16 goals away from the Brazilian’s result (the number of goals scored in one club). In addition, he needs 3 more goals to reach the 700 mark and also 11 assists to score 300 assists in the asset.