Lionel Messi talked with Marca journalists and got very emotional. The legendary player spoke about the personal details of the family and his career.

Messi about the favorite Spanish Dish

Lionel said that there is no specific Spanish dish that he would love to eat every day. The player mentioned that Pasta is favorite for him, and overall, he prefers simple food.

Argentinian said that he also loves sweets. As it seems, Barca’s number 10 admires ice-cream and chocolate. When he eats chocolate Ice-cream, the world stops for him.

Lionel Messi about the habits

Marca journalists asked him about the habits. As it seems, Messi is very old fashioned guys as he has many old-style habits. Lionel said that the main habit is indeed making the table ready for the next morning. Before Messi goes to bed, he loved preparing the room table for the next day. It’s a habit that he was taught in childhood.


Lionel said that first things at home, he takes shoes off. Messi said that he is very shy but admires his old habits. The main thing is that taking off shoes is very important to him. The player also mentioned that if he trusts someone, he may take off the shoes in someone’s house too.

Discussing health problems

Marca journalists asked about the health problems and two injuries that Messi already had from August. Lionel mentioned that when a footballer is just 25 years old, he thinks the body can do everything. As a player gets older, Messi believes that the body will ask about better care. That’s why Messi is careful on the field.

Messi said that his body is getting older, and he has to take special care. Lionel added that at this point in life, he has to care more about family and other things rather than football.

How long can Messi keep up with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Messi said that the body is his temple, and every decision will be correlated to his physics. If the body is not able to play high-class football anymore, then he will think about retirement. Argentinian also said that he is on top of the mountain right now and does not see the retirement in the next 3-4 years.