Lionel Messi talked about his personal and professional football. The player also mentioned his relationship with Quique Setien.

Everything about Quique Setien

Mundo Deportivo journalist asked him about Quique Setien. Messi said that he knew Quique personally for a very long time. At the same time, the player noted that Quique loves football. Argentinean noted that Quique loves football and talks about it a lot. Along the way, Quique can bring Barcelona to new challenges and win many trophies.

Barcelona’s chances to win Champions League

Lionel Messi was very open about the chances of Barcelona. Argentinean player said that it’s hard to win Champions League. Argentinean player noted that the current formation of Barcelona can’t win the Champions League. At the same time, Lionel said that it would be hard to change the formation. 

Player noted that Barcelona makes some silly mistakes in attack and defense. It will be important to continue improving every single. After few months, Messi believes that team can achieve big thing. At this current moment, Messi said that it’s impossible to win Champions League. Also, Messi noted that Quique Setien has a very interesting plan for many trophies.

Can Messi explain the demolishment in Rome and Liverpool

Argentinean player said that explaining those events is impossible. Player said that till current date, he can’t explain what happened in Liverpool. Argentinean noted that Rome could happen to any time as it was a big surprise. Once in a liftime, those kind of events happen like Rome. LIverpool is still unexplainable because the same scenatio happened exactly one year apart. So, Lionel believes that both events can’t have same explaination if there is any. 

El Clasico is the most decisive moment of the season

Lionel Messi said that Clasico in Madrid would be decisive. Argentinean player believes that in case of winnin against Real Madrid, Barcelona players will get enough motivation to win La Liga and Champions League.