Lionel Messi posted on a social media platform. The Argentinian player posted a farewell message to Luis Suarez. The players were very close during the Barcelona era but everything has an end. 

“We won’t share the daily stuff with each other anymore”

Luis Suarez left Barcelona two days ago. He had a big farewell press-conference and we saw the player crying in front of the journalists. Luis Suarez joined Barcelona 7 years ago and he played along with Messi and Neymar. During the press-conference he could not stop himself from crying. 

As it seems, he could not negotiate with the management and coaching team. Luis is a very close friend to Messi. As we know, Messi has a very bad relationship with Barcelona’s management. Rumors suggest that Barcelona’s management let Luis leave just to show Messi that management is above any player.

Messi is very sad because they won’t share the daily stuff anymore. Barcelona’s captain noted that they had a perfect friendship in the last seven years and hopes that they will meet again in future.

“Nothing can surprise me anymore”

Lionel Messi noted that management could have done better. Rumors suggest that Messi wanted Luis to stay and the striker was also ready to play with Messi again. Unfortunately the management and coaching had a different decision in mind. That’s’ why Messi said that nothing can surprise him anymore and it’s related to the management of Barcelona.

Luis Suarez responded to Messi’s post and he seems very grateful. Striker said that Messi is the number one player in the world. He asked me to not let anyone distract him from this fact, not even the management. Suarez wrote that he is very thankful to Messi for 7 beautiful years and he (with the family) will be missed. Now they will meet each other as the opponents on the field.