It’s believed that Messi will start the early vacation for Christmas on Tuesday night. As you may know, Barca will travel to Valladolid this evening. Barca has to play against Valladolid but Messi is ready for vacation.

Lionel Messi travelled with the teammates

Messi will be featured in the game against Valladolid. As you may know, Barca is in a very tough situation. A player like Lionel Messi is decisive for the team, so he traveled with the team. Journalists in Spain wrote that Messi will go to Argentina right after the game. He won’t travel back to Barcelona and won’t have last training before christmas with Barca tomorrow. Management of the team already gave a green light to Messi’s decision. Spanish newspapers Marca’s journalists wrote that Messi’s private plane is already set for a particular route. Messi’s family is already in the private plane and they will wait for Lionel in the airport of Valladolid. Messi will travel straight to Argentina after the game against Valladolid.

Progress with Messi’s contract

Lionel Messi will be able to talk privately with the clubs from 1st January. Messi will be a free agent on 1st June, 2021. Presidential candidates of Barcelona are furious about the contract situation. The latest management of the team could not extend Messi’s contract so the situation is tough. Every presidential candidate believes that there is a chance for negotiation. Neymar is thinking differently. Brazilian talked with the media 2 weeks ago and everyone went crazy. Neymar said that he wants to join Messi next season and play with him. Journalists believe that Messi will sign for PSG in the summer and he will play for the Parisian club for a few seasons. For this moment we don’t know the decision from Messi.