It might sound strange but recruiting the greatest player in football history, Lionel Messi, is the wrong move for a club (PSG) that needs more depth.

Few took Neymar’s agent and long-time confidant Wagner Ribeiro seriously when earlier this month he said there was a greater chance of Messi signing for PSG than Neymar making the return trip to Barcelona.

News that the six-time Ballon d’Or winner is ready to force his way out of Barcelona has forced a reassessment of the situation particularly after PSG made their way to the Champions League final.

Signing Messi or his long-term rival Ronaldo has been QSI’s dream since they took over the Parisian outfit in 2011. As mentioned, their transfer policy pivots around superstar signings for incredible fees.

It was Neymar’s arrival that confirmed PSG truly intended to mingle with the elite. The Brazilian infamously signed from Barcelona in a deal worth a world-record £220 m. This was rapidly followed by Mbappe’s big move, who continuously is herald as football’s next iconic figure.

The pair successfully elevated PSG to their first European Cup. But, in order to take the final step, it may be time for sporting director Leonardo and the board to reassess their transfer approach.

Messi is temptingly in front of their noses. But while he might prove marketing gold for PSG, the 33-year-old is not the solution to Parc des Princes’ long-standing problems. To end their problems, they must resist the greatest player and look for inspiration from the Allianz Arena.

If PSG were to move for Messi, it would only further serve to weaken the bench. The reason being, the club strives to abide by the FPP rules. Even if signed as a free agent, his wages would be unwieldy. It could take up resources better used on several others.

The period for the steamroller approach PSG has used almost in the transfer market during the QSI era is over. It’s now time for the Parisians to let go of their dream signing Messi.