The Premier League has released an official schedule after the restart. Liverpool will play their second match at Anfield after the renewal. So, they will also be able to celebrate championship at their stadium.

As it turns out, after the restart, Liverpool will play their second match at their own stadium. It also means that Jurgen Klopp’s team can celebrate the long-awaited championship at Anfield. The Premier League has officially confirmed the schedule – the match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace will take place on June 24 at Anfield.

As you may know, the current winner of the Champions League needs two more victories to win the championship. This will be the first championship of the Merseysiders in 30 years. If Klopp’s team defeats Everton before then, a victory over Crystal Palace will be enough to win the title.

The Premier League leaders have so far considered holding some matches in a neutral arena to avoid a clash with fans at the stadium. On Friday, most clubs were allowed to play at their own stadium from the 30th to the 32nd round.

The venue of the two matches is still in question. For example, one of them is Liverpool Derby, and it is not yet known where Everton will host Liverpool on June 21. The match scheduled for July 2 between Merseyside and Manchester City will be announced these days.