The Liverpool boss has spoken about the club’s transfer policy. It seems that the English champions will avoid big expenses. The German coach is thinking about how to strengthen a team that is already strong.

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has said that no one should expect valuable transfers from the club during the upcoming transfer window.

“Of course, Coronavirus has had an impact on both player sales and acquisitions. It is unlikely that this summer will be the hottest in the transfer market. We may find out more later if the window is still open.

We are not in a position to buy a player in any position we need. We have 11 players for the starting lineup and another 16 or 17 people who can play on an equal footing. We have to use it for 100%.

We can’t spend millions, millions and millions just to buy players. We never wanted that either. Of course, Liverpool also intends to strengthen the team, which is already strong. The question is, how do we strengthen a strong team? Yes, it is possible with money, but money alone is not enough to do that.

We need to act creatively and strive for that. We try to find a solution within the team. We have three or four players who can take a big step forward, “said the English champions head coach.

Recall that 53 German specialists, who have been coaching Liverpool since 2015, won the English Championship ahead of schedule this year. The Merseysiders last won the title 30 years ago.

Under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, the English club has also won: the Champions League (2018/19), the UEFA Super Cup (2019), and the World Club Championship (2019).