As you may know, Jurgen Klopp’s team has gone through many things in one year gap. One thing is certain – Liverpool is undefeated during this one year campaign.

Match against Tottenham

Experts believed that Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham could be the main rival for Liverpool. Tottenham might have been the team to defeat Liverpool and end the longest run for reds. Unfortunately for Tottenham fans, Liverpool could win the match with one goal gap.

Head to head between Tottenham and Liverpool

The belief from experts that Tottenham could win against Liverpool was not based on h2h statistics. If we take a close look at the statistics, we see that Liverpool has won the previous two away matches in north London. Since 2017, Tottenham has scored only one goal at home match against Liverpool.

The only goal of the match

Brazilian forward and Klopp’s favorite striker, Firmino was the author of the goal. Firmino got the assist from Mo Salah and could score an easy target. Brazilian striker could score the goal in previous away match against Tottenham too.

Undefeated in premier league 

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool has played 22 matches this season in the Premier League. The Reds are unbeaten and have lost only two points throughout the season. It’s visible that the Premier League championship is very close to Liverpool after so many years. After winning the Premier League after so many years, Jurgen Klopp’s name will stay in the history of Liverpool for good.

Liverpool has renewed its record of the longest undefeated run. The Reds had undefeated run back in 1990. That run lasted only for 18 matches, and it was the biggest run for Liverpool. Last season Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool made another record in the history of the club. The Reds could achieve 97 points in the Premier League, but that was not enough for taking the crown from Manchester City.