Liverpool was furious after they were denied a last-minute winner when Sadio Mane was adjudged to be offside and also think Jordan Pickford should have been sent off.

The Premier League champions, Liverpool have asked the League to carry out an investigation into hugely controversial VAR decisions that spoiled the Merseyside derby where Jordan Henderson’s “goal” was deemed offside.

VAR official David Coote declined to look at the incident earlier in the game when Everton’s keeper Jordan Pickford was involved in a violent collision with Virgil van Dijk which saw the defender injured and taken off.

Coote also concluded Sadio Mane was offside after what appeared to be Henderson winning goal two minutes into stoppage time despite the only evidence produced seemed to show the Liverpool was in level.

Now, Liverpool is seeking for answers and full review of how Coote implemented the full range of technology.

In particular, Anfield club officials have asked the Premier League to provide answers on why the VAR failed to take a look at Pickford’s x-rated challenge on Van Dijk and subsequently failed to take action when many called for a red card.

Premier League Guidelines on Such Incidences.

The Premier League guidelines on such matters are clear. The VAR is urged to refer any “direct red-card incidents…where the VAR may intervene in cases of clear and obvious errors or serious missed incidents including when play is stopped”.

Van Dijk was ruled offside after he was clattered without the ball by the Everton keeper who seemed to hook his trailing leg around the defender in a deliberate fashion.

This should have ensured the VAR referred to the incident and checked it. However, Coote did not request a review.

Liverpool has also asked for clarity on exactly which part of Mane’s body was deemed to be offside and at which moment the VAR decided to freeze the frame.

This situation is very crucial because the only evidence produced by the Premier League after the game suggested Mane’s arm was beyond the line and therefore not offside.