Liverpool is two wins away from the dethroning two-time reigning Premier League Champions Man City. The title race between the two clubs has been one of the more enthralling storylines from the Premier League this season.

The exact dates for the football return is unclear. However, the Premier League title race between Liverpool and Manchester City has been an enthralling storyline.

Before football suspension, City was 25 points behind the league leaders Liverpool. To the Reds, they only needed two more wins to secure a first-ever Premier League crown.

However, with the unprecedented COVID-19, no one knows of Premier League resume dates or of Liverpool’s fate if they will be awarded the title or not.

Having said that, let’s see what City players said about Liverpool this season.

Pep Guardiola

“I don’t know if it will be like last season, Manchester United and others have bought. There will be many contenders this time.”

“We are so happy but we also realized what team we are facing for the rest of the season. The Champions of Europe. They are a top-class team.”

“The difference is one point ahead, one penalty. Sometimes the coin is on your side, sometimes not. We know how well prepared we have to be to win the titles.”

Sergio Aguero

“Liverpool has always been a tough opponent. But when I arrived, the team we were fighting with for the title was Man United. Initially, it was something strange in that City competes against United.”

“Then there was Chelsea. But these last four seasons, Liverpool has become a very strong team and are now fighting with us to win the Premier League title.”

John Stones

Speaking in November after a 202 draw with Newcastle, Stones was keen to show City hadn’t given up on the title.

He said, “The chase is still on. We fight until the last day. That’s what we did last season. Anything can happen. Today we played some unbelievable play, but those mistakes cost us.”

Kyle Walker.

“Can’t fault the manager. He had won numerous trophies. I can’t put my finger on it. It is going to be difficult. Liverpool is on fire. They are getting wins and we are not. It is a big gap. But we will fight until the end.”

Raheem Sterling

“When I was there (Liverpool), I did feel a lot more pressure than when I’m here with the matchdays and the fans. I think they get to us a little bit. We were in control and we had the opportunity to see it through. But we didn’t do that.”

“Here we’re completely focused on each game and trying to win each game as it comes. It’s a completely different scenario from last year where we were a bit more comfortable towards this point of the season.”


“Liverpool has practically won the league now, with how far ahead they are. We need to be careful because from now until the end of the season, we could lose more points. Subsequently, we could end up the second in the table. We could even finish outside the Champions League places.”