RB Leipzig’s attacker Timo Werner netted the only goal against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday evening. The match was followed by an interview where Werner was asked about his possible move to Anfield.

The answer was exciting for Liverpool’s fans. Timo Werner said that Liverpool is the best team, and he feels proud to be linked with them. But later, he added that he needs some improvements to be worthy to play on the same level as the Reds do.

Since Werner’s impressive penalty in the second half against Tottenham put RB Leipzig in a stronger position to get the CL quarter-finals, Liverpool noticed him. Now, Timo Werner is in the list of Klopp’s main transfer targets.

You may have already noticed that Jurgen Klopp is creating an all-conquering team squad and will use the summer’s transfer window to fulfill this goal.

According to the statistics, Timo Werner is currently having his best season. For now, he has already scored 20 goals in his 22 Bundesliga appearances. And three more months are remaining until the transfer window.


Timo Werner fits Liverpool’s playing style


Liverpool’s advantage is due to their fast and flexible attacking players with excellent movement skills and physical strength.

Timo Werner, on the other hand, scores impressive goals, has a teamwork skill and get injured very seldom. Still, Werner thinks that he needs more training and improvement.

Now Liverpool is facing the only issue – they need space for the ambitious forward. Klopp does not want to replace any of his front three.

It is reportedly known that he will not let Sadio Mane or Mohamed Salah leave. Only Firmino had recently been linked to Bayern Munich. But Liverpool’s boss stated that none of the three are going anywhere.