“Liverpool is flying, and it doesn’t surprise me … because of their fantastic squad and manager … I am so happy for them, but that’s all. I don’t look back. I took another path, and now I am on another journey“

Philippe Coutinho – Outstanding footballer


Philippe Coutinho remains an “outstanding player.” but he no longer needs Liverpool and should not consider another deal with Barcelona for a lot of money, says John Aldridge. It has suggested that the Reds may be tempted to see how to return a familiar face to Anfield. Jürgen Klopp authorized the sale of the Brazilian International during the winter transfer window of 2018. While Coutinho got the dream switch to Camp Nou. The South American has hardly made his mark with the League heavyweights and is currently taking a loan spell at Bayern Munich. Given that, most likely, they will miss the chance to put a permanent transfer in place, the return to Britain has been mooted.


Never come back to Liverpool


Aldridge can cherish why such speculation has surfaced. But says Liverpool Premier League leaders have moved in a different direction since breaking up with the talented playmaker. A former Reds striker said in an interview: “I see the topic of whether Liverpool should try to return Philip Coutinho to Anfield.” For me, He was and still is an excellent player, and, with the team that we now have. I’m sure that he will cope very well. But I am more inclined to the argument “never come back.”This can sometimes work, but he has a lot more money in Barcelona. ​​This can be a potential problem and, of course, there will be a question about how much money Barcelona wants from Liverpool for him.


Coutinho chose to leave


“I would have thought that the team would have greeted him since he is a perfect guy. I did not see a problem in it, but I just do not see in it what I would go for if it were me.”Ultimately, Coutinho chose to leave, we have the top dollar for him, and it worked in our favour.“We went out and brought Van Dijk and Alisson for almost the same money, and you have to say that we have not looked back since then – European champions. World champions and 22-point leadership at the top of the league. As we are looking to complete this 30-year weight for the league title.

“I wish the guy well, but in the end, what happened to him shows that the grass is not always greener on the other part.”And this is a sign of the time that some players are now discovering this again. “Another in the same vessel is Emre Can. Honestly, I always felt like he was above his weight in Liverpool. But he thought he could do better by moving on, and that didn’t work for him in Juventus.”He scored a fantastic goal in his debut for Borussia Dortmund at the weekend. But the fact that he had to return to Germany to try to save his career says a lot and is a warning to others that you leave Liverpool at your own risk.”