Many grandees dream of recruiting Kylian Mbappe. According to the English media, Liverpool have become especially active and are planning to make an unprecedented offer for Paris Saint-Germain.

Kylian Mbappe is one of the most outstanding players in modern football. The Frenchman has proven from a young age that he can play great football. 21-year-old Kylian is progressing from season to season.

Many prominent grandees want to buy a young attacker. Among them is Real Madrid. It is often written that Mbappe himself wants to continue his career in Spain and move to Madrid.

However, the English press is also actively writing about Liverpool’s interests. The English club has been writing about the interest for almost one year. According to the latest information, the Merseysiders may make a massive offer for Paris Saint-Germain in exchange for Kylian Mbappe. According to reports, Liverpool will offer PSG Sadio Mane and 220 million euros.

Sadio Mane’s contract with Liverpool runs until the summer of 2023. According to reports, Sadio is refraining from extending the contract. That is why the management of the English club may include him in the transfer of Mbappe.

It is difficult to say how possible the transfer is. 220 million euros is a big amount – plus superstar Sadio Mane. Such an offer would at least make the Parisian team think.