According to legend John Barnes, his former club gave Klopp time in his underwhelming first two years because he was white something that is incredibly blasted at discrimination in football.

The German coach, Jurgen Klopp took over as the head-coach in Liverpool in October 2015. He guided the side to eighth and fourth in the Premier League during his first two years in charge although the first season included appearances in the EFL Cup finals and the Europa League.

Contrary, the club legend, Barnes, who played for Liverpool between 1987 and 1997 says Klopp would have list his job “under different circumstances”. Additionally, the 57-year-old added that top Premier League clubs discriminate against “white English managers”.

“You can put structures in place. But until you change your perception, nothing will change”. Said Barnes.

“I use Klopp as an example. How successful was he really in the first two years in terms of being 25 points off the top? But Liverpool believed that he was the right man”.

“Under different circumstances, he would have lost his job if he was black in those first two years”

Barnes also referred to how English managers have gotten it hard with the likes of Lampard who is the only English manager amongst the Premier League top six.

“If Klopp were English, he would have lost his job too”. Added Barnes.

“This is where the idea of discrimination is a little bit strange because there’s a group of people who are discriminated against in English football and the very highest level in the Premier League”.

“Now, the top six teams will not have a white English manager. Yes, you can say, Frank Lampard, just as people have pointed out, but that’s because he has a special bond with Chelsea. That’s the only reason he managed Chelsea. But given other different circumstances, he wouldn’t have got that job”.