Liverpool will play against Chelsea this Sunday in the Premier League. If Liverpool wins against Chelsea, it will be an early blow to Manchester City. Says Jamie Carragher.

Liverpool and Man City

Klopp’s side is five points clear at the top of the Premier League table. Currently, the club has a 100 percent record after being pipped to the title by City last season by a single point.

Manchester City could be crossing their fingers for Liverpool not to come out with a win from this Sunday’s match.

The first huge test of the new Premier League campaign comes this Sunday as they travel to Chelsea. Carragher believes a win would be another “little blow” against City in the title race.

He says, “Liverpool lost the League last season by a point. When you look at where they slipped up, they only lost one game. You think of the draws they had and Man City went to a lot of the top teams, the rivals and won.”

“In years gone by, if you went to a rival and drew, you would be delighted. But it is not good enough now for the top teams or certainly if you want to go for the title. Liverpool only won at Spurs last season and they have to improve that. Chelsea is the first place for them and it’s a big away game.”

What to expect

“With Liverpool having a five-point lead, it is very early and I don’t think it matters too much. But to go to Chelsea and win, I think that would be a little blow for City.”

“It is very early and there are months to go. However, when you see your rival going to a tough game and get three points, they’ll be thinking we’ve still got to go there and do the same. It is a big game for the two teams.”

“With City and Liverpool, especially last season, they just win from day one and it doesn’t seem to change. Now though it is all happening like a normal season and it is only Liverpool really who hasn’t had that hiccup early on.”

“I still class Liverpool as favorites. It is a tough game but if you had to pick Chelsea or Liverpool to come out on top in that game, you’d still fancy Liverpool.”

There is pressure on Frank Lampard. Having yet to win at Stamford Bridge this season and Neville hopes a win could add some drama to the season early on.

“Sunday is a big game. But I still think Liverpool need to win a Premier League title. They must do that particularly with this team that they’ve got now. I don’t know how any team can handle that front three. They are magnificent.”

“From Chelsea’s point of view, they’re going to struggle. They need to score goals. It’s an intriguing game but I think Liverpool will win on Sunday.”