Finishing errors of Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino at Liverpool’s Peter Crouch puzzle, with the former Red striker admitting he doesn’t expect to score when the opportunity presents itself.

Something wrong with the attacking line

Confidence in Jurgen Klopp’s roster has eroded this season, and the reigning Premier League champions have weathered a humble fall from grace. The once fearsome attacking unit hasn’t been immune to criticism and form dips – despite Mohamed Salah maintaining its impressive standards – and questions continue to be asked about where Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, who have 19 targets in between, figure in the future. plans. After seeing the pair draw blank again in a 1-1 draw with Newcastle, Peter Crouch said one thing jumped at him on Saturday when he watched the game. This was the moment when Mohamed got through in the first half and brought him to Sadio to finish. The mane of last year or a year ago doesn’t think twice, and he puts his foot through it.


Liverpool’s legends are not happy with performance of strikers

When he touched, he knew that it was. His confidence has left him, and it’s the same for Roberto. Crouch says he watches Roberto Firmino plays and sees a handsome footballer whose shenanigans and positional play are outstanding, but when he hits, he expects him to roll onto the floor to the goalkeeper. He also said that it is important to emphasize that these two players command such respect and he has no right to say that they should be sold. Last week, the reader was asked to move them and found it disrespectful to say that after everything they did, they should be sold and he is ready to give them both a little grace this season because everything was so weird. Liverpool needs to end the season, their players need to be re-energized, and he wouldn’t write them off.