Liverpool has two different faces this season. One “Reds” is unstoppable in Premier League. That Liverpool has 9 points lead in Premier League with the second place team. Another face may not be able to qualify for playoffs.

Liverpool 1-1 Napoli

Napoli played an almost perfect match at Anfield. Napoli could score an early goal in the first half and decided to defend for the whole game.

Keep in mind that Napoli could win the first match Liverpool again in September. So, the “Reds” had to score a minimum of one goal against Napoli to save a high chance for playoffs.

Reds massively attacked in the first half but could not score a goal. Wingers of the English team were crossing balls in Napoli’s penalty area, but it was impossible to win the ball against Koulibaly and Manolas. Klopp seemed angry on the side in the first half. As it seems, the German coach decided to motivate the team during the break.

One goal to save the chance for playoffs

Liverpool needed one goal to save the opportunity for playoffs. Salah and Mane were not in good form, so they could not score a goal. Another weapon for Liverpool was the header of defenders – Van Dijk and Lovren. Liverpool could score a goal on 65th minute, as Lovren played carefully with head. Lovren’s header was a motivating moment for Liverpool players. We saw different “Reds” after the goal, but finally, they could not score more goals.

Genk 1-4 Salzburg

Salzburg is in perfect form. The team was able to score four goals in away match against Genk. The team from Belgium could not score more goals as Salzburg’s goalkeeper was playing good.

Haaland could score another goal. As for now, Haaland had eight goals and one assist. Robert Lewandowski had ten goals and no assists. Haaland has a real chance to become a group stage’s top scorers if he scores the minimum of three goals against Liverpool.

After a big win against Genk, Salzburg has a chance to change everything in the group. As of now, Salzburg had 7 points, and Liverpool has only 10 points. If Salzburg wins the match against Liverpool, Haaland’s team will be able to qualify for playoffs. Salzburg V Liverpool will be a magnificent match on 10th December.