In the 24th round of Serie A Juventus lost significant points to Verona. 

“Look carefully and then speak,” Pirlo told the journalist.

The Turin team won a goal against Cristiano Ronaldo, but conceded a goal at the end of the match, and they had only 1 point left. Andrea Pirlo blamed inexperience for the failure, saying there were many young players on the pitch who could not read the script.

“We are disappointed. We started well, got an advantage that was actually the most difficult, but we could not keep the result, we were missing something … there are small details that can affect the result. ” experienced players, I asked Cristiano and Alex Sandro to talk to their teammates on the field, but there are too few players to solve this problem, ”Pirlo said assessing the game.

After that, a fierce controversy broke out between Pirlo and the former editor of Tuto sport, Giancarlo Padovani. The journalist told Pirlo that Federico Chiesa and Federico Bernardeschi were left without functions in the 3-4-2-1 tactical scheme, with which the 41-year-old strongly disagreed: “We played with 3 defenders because we had no other choice. When 4 defenders and strikers are missing, tell me what was the best decision? Why didn’t I play Dragusin? He’s not that defender, he never played that position. You must follow the games carefully before commenting. I do not think so. Chiesa and Bernardeschi without function? Who would you take on the field? Chiesa is a winger, but he often played in this position, Bernardeschi was almost always in this role, they were probably the only players in this game who played in their ideal position. “Didn’t I change the game of the team with 4 defenders? I really wanted to do it, but I looked at the bench and there was no one who was playing this pattern, ”said Pirlo.

Recall that Juventus played against Verona with staffing problems, while Pirlo had only one player from the first team (Weston McCann) among the outfield players on the bench, and he had to replenish the stock of players from the entire youth team. Turin Grand is 3rd in Serie A with 46 points from 23 games and will face La Spezia in the next round.