La Liga has always been a championship in which the best players in the world and outstanding stars have competed, and this tournament is significantly ahead of other top 5 league leagues in terms of the number of goals scored.

As you know, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been sharing the Golden Boot (as well as the ball) for years.

During the period of their hegemony, Neymar Junior also managed to win this award.

La Liga does not lack high-level players now either. If nothing else, Leo Messi is still playing for Barcelona. However, after Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo were sent off from Spain, the rate of the championship goals has significantly decreased.


La Liga occupies the last place in the rating with the total number of goals.


In the current season, which has now been suspended, La Liga is in the 5th place with the total number of goals scored.

The Premier League occupies the first place with 784 goals, 2.74 goals per game on average. The second is Serie A – 746 goals – 2.96 on average. The third – Bundesliga – 728 goals, 3.26 on average per match.  The fourth is – League 1, with 704 goals, 2.53 on average.

There are only 685 goals in La Liga, 2.53 on average. Accordingly, the Spanish championship occupies the last, fifth place in this rating.

Compared to the previous seasons, this rate has been reduced, although the tournament is not over yet.


Recall that the Spanish championship was suspended on March 12 by two rounds, but it was postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

At best, La Liga will resume in mid-May and end in July. The clubs are ready to play three times a week. They also agree that most of the matches will be held without fans.