Lucas Torreira may be reluctant to secure the loan. Boca Juniors recognizes the Arsenal midfielder’s father, but there are options for the 25-year-old in Italy and France.

Lucas Torreira’s arrival in Boca will be quite difficult

The fighting Uruguayan International has made no secret that he would like to return to his native South America this summer, with a heavy outfit in Argentina his preferred destination. However, Boca Juniors may find it difficult to put finance in place to make this possible, which means Lucas Torreira, currently on seasonal rental at Atlético Madrid, will have to find another exit from Atlético Madrid. Lucas’ father Ricardo said that the arrival of Lucas Torreira in Boca will be quite difficult, there was no movement in such a situation. It only happened from desire and that they caused inconvenience to Boca. he does not know if Boca will be able to face Arsenal asking for a loan from Torreira. he doesn’t know and doesn’t think for sure that Lucas Torreira will play for Arsenal this year. If it is not Boca, Italy or France will be his destiny. According to him, they still have a desire, instead of bringing joy, they cause inconvenience to the Boca’s management.


Lucas Torreira was unable to provide the desired impact

Lucas is tied to a contract at Arsenal until the summer of 2023. However, he broke the order and failed to exert the desired impact on parent employers or lenders. Atlético will not have a permanent deal, while a new start at Emirates Stadium appears unlikely. This led to talk of moving to Boca, but they have a series of hiring calls to head to the next window. The Argentine outfit also sees the move for Cavani puffed up, with fellow Lucas’ said he is heading to Man Utd after one season in England.