Luis Enrique is back in action – today, he has signed a contract with Spain national team again. For the last six months, the Spanish coach could not keep up with the football world for personal reasons.

Spain was playing perfect football under Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique became a coach of Spain from 2018. Before the World Cup, the Spanish football federation sacked the coach. Real Madrid legend, Hierro, was the coach of Spain during the World Cup. Sergio Ramos and his teammates could not show excellent performance in Russia, so Hierro was replaced in one month.


From September of 2018, Luis Enrique took the lead and became the head coach of Spain. Under his coaching, Spain could win a perfect match again, Croatia. Sergio Ramos and the team could score six goals in one game against Modric’s Croatia.

Personal reasons in 2019

Luis could not keep up with football because of the health problems of his child. The coach decided to spend time with the family and stepped down from the coaching staff. In the summer of 2019, Enrique’s assistant, Moreno became a coach of Spain. Moreno was happy with his team and once said that he could not change the strategy or direction that Luis gave to this team.

Spain could secure a spot in Euro 2020 in September. Spain was playing perfect football under Moreno and even scored five goals in the last match of the head coach. Today Spain football federation announced that after a little break, Luis Enrique is back in action as a head coach.

Moreno was happy with Enrique’s decision

Back in summer, Moreno said that he would be satisfied to step down if Luis returned in action. As it seems, Moreno is the man of word. When Luis decided to come back, Moreno gave him a head coach position without any problems.

Germany’s head coach is afraid of Spain

Low met with journalists and said that he is not happy with opponents playing form. The German coach is worried about England, Spain, and France. Low said that mostly, he is impressed by the quality of football in Spain. As it seems, German players are ready for Euro 2020, and they know what to expect from the last stage of the tournament.