As you may know, Luis Enrique is back in action as head coach of Spain. He left the head coach position in June for a family situation. Barcelona’s ex-coach is back and wants to win Euro 2020.

The situation regarding Robert Moreno

Luis Enrique left Spain in June. The daughter of Luis had a battle with bone cancer. Unfortunately, his daughter passed away in August, after five months of battle. Luis Enrique said that he would be out of football and take time for his family. Robert Moreno was his assistant for the last nine years. In June, Robert decided to take a big step closer to his dreams and became head coach of Spain.

In the first interview, Robert Moreno said that he would be proud to step down after Enrique’s arrival. Moreno was the head coach of Spain for the last six months and played a dominant football with Spain. Under Robert’s management, the team could show perfect performance and win a spot in Euro 2020.

Enrique thinks that Moreno is not loyal

One week ago, Enrique was appointed as a new head coach of Spain again. He was back in action after six months of absence. It was a big shock when fans found out that Moreno was not listed in his assistant team.

For one week, Moreno and Luis were silent. They did not want to talk about relationships and problems. Yesterday Luis gave a very honest interview with Spanish newspapers. He asked for press-conference and said that Robert is not a loyal person. Luis noted that Moreno came to him in September, and they talked about the future. Enrique said that Moreno wanted to be a head coach of Spain in Euro 2020, and then he would leave that spot for Luis. Barcelona’s ex-coach noted that the September meeting was life-changing for him. Spain’s new coach said that Moreno’s decision was disloyal to him.

Moreno’s response about disloyalty

Robert Moreno asked for press-conference after a day. Spain’s ex-coach said that he was pleased after Enrique’s return. Moreno noted that it was a big shock for him when he found out about Luis’s intentions.

Robert Moreno believes that ambitions should be there, and it was no secret for Luis that he wanted to be a head coach in the future. Moreno also noted that he would be happy to be in Enrique’s assistant team, but it’s impossible now. Robert Moreno believes that Luis will change his mind in the future.