Luis Ferrer has spent over 10 years as part of PSG’s recruiting team, working tirelessly alongside the likes of Antero Henrique.

Number one signing was Kylian Mbappe

He has since left to pursue his own business, the LF360, but not before playing a part in the signing of Kylian, a transfer that looked impossible on the wave of a club that had already spent the world’s record-breaking royalties to sign Neymar from Barcelona. Ferrer and Paris Saint-Germain pulled him back, however, and became good friends with the striker’s family in the process. Speaking exclusively, the recruiting expert shows how he and his team managed to convince Kylian Mbappe to forge Real Madrid in favor of the French giants.


Signing Kylian Mbappe from Monaco

According to Ferrer, Mbappe was the number one signing because it wasn’t all about money. It was completely different, it took time and months. He had just had an amazing campaign with Monaco and everyone knew he was a jewel, but they also knew that he was Madrid’s priority. Madrid was there and there was no way to stop it. All they had to do was press a button. He also said that they, on the other hand, had just done the biggest transfer in the world, Neymar, and were unable to buy Kylian because of the Financial Fair Play and that they had to think of brilliant ideas to get there. Everyone worked together to make it work. He also stressed that it was not an agent who was doing it. If there was a representative, this would not be possible. He also added that the first year there was no transfer, but there was a loan, although there was a clause that the purchase is mandatory, unless there was a recession in actions. When asked if Kylian Mbappe was really dreaming of playing for Real, Ferrer said yes, so they knew there was a lot of work to do.