Luis Suárez joined Atletico Madrid in summer of 2020. In very intense negotiations, Luis decided to leave Barcelona for good.

Words from Ronald Koeman

As you may know, Luis Suarez is a close friend of Lionel Messi. The players have been friends since 2014. They have won many trophies together and had fun in Barcelona. In summer of 2020, Lionel Messi decided to go against the management of Barcelona. First of all, Barca’s board sacked the old coach and signed a new one. Ronald Koeman came and decided to change things. Messi was against many things noted by Bartomeu and Koeman. During the interview, he said that Bartomeu broke ‘promised word’ many times and he is a liar. Fans believe that Barca’s board decided to take revenge on Messi by selling his close friend, Luis Suarez. 

During the interview with El Transistor, Luis said that the Barca board called him. He had a one-on-one meeting with the board and coach. Luis recalled the moment when Koeman told him that Suarez was not in his plans anymore. That’s’ when he decided to leave in a short period of time. Suarez said that he got offers from Atleti and Juve right away. Atletico Madrid was close because Cholo saw Suarez as the big part of the successful project. That’s why Luis Suarez signed with Atletico Madrid and now is the top-scorer of La Liga.

Luis Suarez on Messi’s future and life in Madrid

Suarez said that Messi’s future is in Argentinean’s hands. He noted that legendary players of Barca can leave the team for any other clubs and retire from there. He said that Messi is not going to retire anytime soon. 

Living in Madrid is really good for Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan player noted that he meets Toni Kroos a lot because he lives in the same neighborhood.