After joining Real Madrid, Luka did not have enough chances to prove his worthiness. Keep in mind that Luka is getting injured frequently. His injuries make Luka look useful in the eyes of Real Madrid fans.

Real Madrid’s official report

Real Madrid’s official website wrote about the medical report of Luka Jovic. He has a tendonitis in the adductor muscles of his right leg. It means that players won’t be able to until the end of the year. Luka Jovic will be available for ZInedine Zidane in 2021. It’s very sad for Luka’s fans to see him not improving under Zinedine Zidane.

Covid positive during tough times

Real Madrid was in a very tough period last couple weeks. Luka Jovic was fit without any injuries. Unfortunately after returning from his own country, he got tested positive for covid. Keep in mind that covid was not easy for Luka as he stayed in self-isolation for more than 20 days. It was the most boring day for Luka as he could not help Real Madrid.

In those days, Los Blancos was in need of a good striker. Zinedine Zidane even tested a strategy without particular number nine. Karim Benzema had a serious injury since October and he could not help Los Blancos. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Luka Jovic was not there for help. Experts believe that those tough times could be important for Luka Jovic but he was tested positive for covid.