Luka Jovic just signed for Eintracht Frankfurt a few days ago. He could only train for two days with the main squad before the debut game. He played only 20 minutes and scored two goals.

What happens when you work under Zidane?

The Twitter and Reddit community of Real Madrid went crazy after Luka’s performance. Eintracht coach gave Luka a chance to play in the second half. Luka played only for 20 minutes and he could score two goals. He became the main spotlight-man of the match and its well deserved recognition. After the game, Frankfurt’s coach could not hide the happiness. He said that Luka will get more time eventually and in the end he hopes that Jovic becomes the starting squad striker.

There were many questions related to Zidane’s work. What is going wrong when you work along with Zidane? There have been many cases already when players left Real Madrid and got second-breath in another club. Let’s start with Theo Hernandez and Brahim Diaz. Those two players left Real Madrid due to the lack of trust from the coach. Currently AC Milan (both signes for the Italian club) is the leader of the Serie A and Theo-Brahim plays perfectly (mostly in starting line-up). The same case goes with James Rodriguez, Kubo and now we say the same thing about Luka Jovic.

Being satisfied with Karim Benzema

Zineidne Zidane is always satisfied with one striker. He believes that there is no competition for Karim Benzema and that’s why Luka Jovic left. Yes, Luka just left on loan and Real Madrid will sign him back in summer but it’s really heart-breaking for Real Madrid fans to see that Los Blancos has to rely only on Karim Benzema for the rest of the season.