Luka Modric had an injury as he felt pain in the knee back with Croatia three weeks ago. As of now, Luka Modric is injury-free and can help Real Madrid on Wednesday night.

Lack of concentration in the current football world

Luka Modric talked about the distractions and how they take away footballers from football. Croatian magician suggested that social media like Instagram is his runaway from everyday life. As it seems, midfield loves scrolling Instagram for fun and spends lots of time on social media every day. Luka said that social media could be a big distraction, but when you are a good player and work hard every day, you need an escape zone. For Luka Modric, Instagram is an escape zone from a daily job.

Modric mentioned that back in decades ago, footballers were only focused on ball and game. Now, most of the players are on social media, and the football industry changed entirely. Luka understands that the world revolves around technology, so it was inevitable.

Relationship with Gareth Bale

Croatian player said that he is feeling good with Gareth Bale. Midfielder thinks that the Welsh player has lots of qualities and skills to impress opponents in every match. Luka mentioned that Gareth talks perfect Spanish and gets along well with every teammate.

The midfielder said that both players look like each other. Both are very shy and don’t talk too much. But when it comes to professionalism, both of them are doing their best to get the job done.

Playing in midfield

Real Madrid’s midfielder said that he feels well in deep midfield. Luka noted that first, he played as a play-maker in Tottenham. Modric said that he feels better in deep midfield and can help the team more if he plays in a favorite position. At the same time, Luka noted that he could play at any position coach decides so that he can contribute his best to the team.

The legendary goal of Sergio Ramos in Lisbon.

Luka Modric loves recalling special moments from the past. Croatian player said that it was an impossible goal, and Sergio Ramos made it possible. The midfielder believes that Ramos’s goal changed the European football history.

Modric believes that Sergio’s goal gave a different mentality to Real Madrid. As you know, since Lisbon final, Real Madrid won three consecutive Champions League trophies.