Luka Modric met with the journalists along with Zinedine Zidane. As you may know, Real Madrid will face Athletic Bilbao in the semi-final of Spanish SuperCopa.

Luka is feeling confident

Journalists started the press-conference with the questions related to Malaga. Luka noted that he is in Malaga for a few days already and they will be great. The Real Madrid midfielder admitted that the whole squad feels confident about the semi-final match. Keep in mind that Luka is playing differently this season. It’s visible that Luka Modric is more confident and he is controlling a bigger portion of the midfielder. Along with Toni Kroos, he is decisive for Real Madrid’s success this season. All the key games that Los Blancos won was thankfully to good performance of midfield.

Contract renewal

Luka Modric said that he is talking with Real Madrid’s officials. The negotiations are going really well according to the player. He said that the direction the negotiation took is pleasing for the midfielder. Luka said that he can’t say more on the contract situation. Keep in mind that Luka wants to extend a contract with Los Blancos. He wants to get a 2 years extension, just like Sergio Ramos. Journalists believe that he will get an extension in the next two weeks.

Rotations are the part of the football

Journalists asked Luka about the rotations. The midfielder said that rotation is part of the football. Also, Luka added that rotations are not his decision, it’s the question that journalists have to ask Zinedine Zidane. Luka said that rotations are good for the whole squad during the tough times. Don’t forget that Real Madrid players had to play matches once every three days. Modric said that the squad is pleased with the rotations of the starting line-up.