The stunning 2018-19 campaign for the 23-year-old frontman saw him gaining interest from across Europe.

Eintracht Frankfurt left the door open for Luka Jovic

Luke Jovic has been offered a departure from Real Madrid by his former club Eintracht Frankfurt, and Adi Hutter left the door open for the Serbian striker in Germany. The stunning 2018-19 campaign for the 23-year-old frontman saw him gaining interest from across Europe. Jovic scored 27 goals for Eintracht Frankfurt that season, with his stock soaring as leading clubs pushed for the position at the front of a transfer queue. Departure to Italy and England were controversial. But Real Madrid won the much-coveted signature race and added what they saw to their ranks at the Santiago Bernabeu. However, a dream switch to Spain has become a nightmare for Jovic, with a shortage of regular playing time. That’s because he tried his best to live up to expectations, with just two goals recorded through 32 performances.

The Serbian striker gets a very few minutes at Real Madrid

Also, bad headlines have been made on and off the field, leading to further transfer talk in every passing window. Another has now swung open, and Real Madrid have weighed their options, and it may be that Jovic is allowed to return to the Bundesliga. Eintracht coach Hutter would have been open to reaching an agreement. He told reporters when they argued about the possibility of snapping up a familiar face: “It is something that has not escaped anyone. He gets a very few minutes at Real Madrid. And of course, he will have nothing against returning to Frankfurt”. Luka Jovic has only two LaLiga starts for the Blancos this season, while seeing just 149 minutes of top-flight action in total, and seems desperate to take on a new challenge.

Interest on the Premier League’s part in his services is said to have been retained, with several clubs in the market for another goalscorer. Still, Eintracht are hoping the emotional connections will work in their favour. However, Hutter is willing to admit that discussions about Jovic’s return will be challenging given the size of his salary in the Spanish capital. He added: “It is correct that it is written that Luka earns a year. A loan deal, which sees Real Madrid subsidizing Jovic’s profits, could be one of the solutions for Eintracht. And negotiations could be held now that the 2021 winter window has opened for business.”