Olympique Lyonnais owner Jean-Michel Aulas has placed French football ahead as he acknowledges Paris Saint-Germain in UEFA Champions League.


Aulas stated PSG matters more than the league competition and the rivalry. He added that the French league has its momentum Lille OSC, Lyon, PSG, and AS Monaco. He tips they are the favorite to represent the country with the Parisian capital club ahead.

However, the title race is so competitive, with only seven points separating position one and fourth-place Monaco. Aulsa has downplayed the fact that there is a reignited rivalry between the old rivals and tipped PSG ahead.

“Yes, I think it is sustainable because the four clubs in question have quality stadiums, quality investors; it is important in modern football,” Aulas said.

“They have traditions of performance which means that we will find them again in the European rankings. For the fans, it’s great, and for the media, it’s the best thing. For the economy of French football, it would be the best thing that could happen,” he explained.

A deep Europe runs benefits French teams UEFA index and allows Ligue 1 to have more slots in European football. However, Aulas tipped the Parisian side is the favorite for the Champions League glory.

“With Qatar, which is a significant financial and cultural power, he has built an overpowered PSG. He has succeeded 90% of his mission: to build a great club and win titles. He still has to win the Champions League, and last year, he was very close, even if OL were also in the last four,” Aulas explained.

“This year, he is off to a good start to bring many points to France (in the UEFA index) and win the Champions League. Anyway, I’m making them my favorite for this year. There is a significant economic difference between the two (OL and PSG).”

He added, “I think it’s up to us to find the solutions to be competitive.”