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Erling Haaland’s father in Spain

Mino Raiola and Erling’s father were spotted in Spain. On Thursday morning, Spanish journalists found both of them in Catalonia. None of them made comments about the flight from Germany to Spain. As Spanish media wrote, Erling’s father and agent met with Laporta at first. They talked about the futuristic project around Barcelona. Laporta is very keen on getting Haaland from Dortmund Borussia. Keep in mind that Borussia lost points during the weekend, which means that there is a 90% chance that the team won’t play in the Champions League next season. Haaland said publicly that he has to play in the Champions League every season. It seems that Erling wants to leave Dortmund in summer. Laporta promised Erling’s father and agent a big salary and bonuses.


From Barcelona to Madrid

After a meeting in Barcelona, both went to Madrid. Spanish newspapers wrote that Florentino Perez met with the father of Erling and agent. As you may know, Mino is a very close friend to Florentino Perez. He was an agent of many players that played for Real Madrid. That’s why Los Blancos’ knows a lot about Mino Raiola’s tricks. Experts believe that Erling Haaland wants to join Los Blancos instead of Barcelona but final decision will be on the contractual situation. Real Madrid is ready to pay a big salary to Erling Haaland but there is still a big economic recession going on in the EU zone. Real Madrid has not finished the re-construction yet, so problems could be related to finances. Before leaving Real Madrid’s managerial position, Perez wants to sign Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. He will leave the club this year, so Perez has the last chance to sign favorite young talents. Erling Haaland wants to play for Real Madrid and achieve the same level as Ronaldo did in Madrid. 

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