How can you imagine a match between Madrid clubs? If you take a look at past experience, matches at Atletico’s stadium were boring. We can even find goalless draw between these two teams one year ago in La Liga.

After a disastrous match in Paris, Real Madrid found a perfect form in defense and conceded zero goals. Before the Madrid derby, Real Madrid opponents could not even shot on target. So, Real Madrid was ready with a perfect defensive strategy, and two opposing teams met in Madrid.

Pre-match activities

Zidane gave a chance to Valverde. Uruguayan returned from injury just a week ago and already played two matches, and one was Madrid derby. Valverde played along with Kroos and Casemiro in midfield.

Marcelo still has some pain in the left leg, so Zidane gave a chance to Nacho on the left-wing. There was no other surprise from the French coach. The attacking line was the same – Bale, Benzema, and Hazard.

Boring match without good moments to score

It was a boring match, after all. We waited for a good game because, in summer, Simeone destroyed Zidane and Frenchman had a chance for revenge. In the end, we saw two defensive teams ready to finish the match without goals.

Summer friendly was something that Real Madrid fans couldn’t forget. Everyone waited for a perfect night but eventually, it was boring without any real moment to score from both sides. Keep in mind that Atletico had only one shot on target and that was the easiest shot Courtois has ever saved. At the same time, Real Madrid tried to do a few combinations in the attack. Los Blancos had four shots on target but could not score a goal because Oblak was reliable.

We could not see number sevens

Both teams brought new players and world-class starts in summer. Real Madrid signed Eden Hazard from Chelsea for 100 Million. Atletico signed Joao Felix, the brightest youngster in the world from Benfica for 110 Million.

Both players have the number seven t-shirt in the club, but they can’t play on the level of number seven. Experts believe that it could be due to adaptation to a new atmosphere and environment. Unfortunately, we could not see those players’ excellent performance on Saturday night. Joao Felix was even substituted in the 70th minute. Hazard played till the end but could not make an impact on the match result. We still have to wait for their perfect form