Some people thought that Erling Haaland would have reduced scoring goals after leaving Salzburg, but they were wrong. The young forward is unstoppable in the new squad, and after the wonders of the Bundesliga, he is also a wizard in the Champions League.

Thanks to his double, Dortmund defeated Paris Saint-Germain (2-1) full of expensive superstars. But not with enough score for Borussia to go calm to Paris.


Haaland thinks that he can do more


The young Norwegian forward Erling Haaland was named the best player of the match for Borussia-PSG. The hosts won the game thanks to his double.

Erling Haaland: ‘I’m delighted with the fact. I need to prepare for such matches even better and bring more benefits to the team. That’s not my maximum. I can do more. As for the opponent, PSG are such a strong team that they can change everything at the second match, but we are favorites right now. ”

The 1/8 final match of this pair will take place on March 12.




  • Haaland became Dortmund’s first player to score goals in both the Bundesliga and the German Cup and Champions League debut.
  • Haaland had eight goals in a Salzburg shirt and now added two. He needed seven matches to score the first ten goals in this tournament, so at least four games less than any other player in Champions League history.
  • Erling Haaland is the second teenager to score a league-high ten goals. The other is Kylian Mbappe (13). However, Haaland is the first to score the first ten goals in his first season.
  • If we consider non-teenagers as well, Haaland became only the fifth player to score ten or more goals in the Champions League / League in the first season.