Mallorca team has won its game with an amazing strategy. Moreno’s team scored fascinating goals-against Valencia


The fantastic game at Mallorca stadium


This weekend was full of unexpected games in the Laliga. We saw a fantastic performance at the Mallorca stadium. The outsider club, which stands on 17th place in LaLiga, scored four goals against Valencia, who’s in 7th place. This match ended sadly for Valencia. 


Formations and starting lineups


Home team Mallorca formations were as usual. For defenders, four midfielders and two strikers. The same configuration presented the Valencia football club. Both team managers choose standard compositions, and nothing expected that Moreno’s team would beat Valencia like that. From Mallorca, two players were missing: Baba Rahman and Salibur, both have health problems. But from the Valencia four teammates: Garay, Piccini, Rodrigo, and Vallejo, they’re all injured. As you see Mallorca team has superiority of less missing players against Valencia. 

Three titans against the whole team


The first half started with Mallorca’s show off their ball retention skills. From the start till the end of the 1st half, football lovers watched the fantastic performance of the Mallorca team. From the first minute of the match, Valencia players controlled the ball, but they haven’t done any shots on goal. The luck wasn’t on their side. But the home team was on his glory point, they had three shots on goal, and all three scored in Valencia’s door. The first goal scored Antonio Raillo on 7th minute, second and third by Ante Budimir double on 22th and 41st minutes. The first half for Mallorca with three unanswered goals. On 44th minute only, Albert Celades decided to replace Denis Cheryshev by Ferran Torres. 



Ferran Torres saves Valencia’s prestige


The second half started sadly for the Valencia team. Daniel Parejo gets a second yellow card in the match and left the pitch. The game became the test for a coach Celades to save his game and name against Moreno’s team. Both coaches made the first substitution in the second half almost the same time. At 61st minute Celades decided to replace Kevin Gameiro by Kangin Lee. But Vicente Moreno at 64th minute sent off Cuho, and Alejandro Pozo walked in. But this replacement does not make any result for the team. Until Moreno didn’t replace Salva Sevilla by Aleix Febas. So these changes took results for Mallorca, and after ten minutes on 79th minute, Daniel Rodriguez, with perfect technique, scored the 4th goal of the match. The Mallorca team relaxed after the last goal, so Ferran Torres took advantage and saved his team from an unanswered goal on 82nd minute. The referee added four minutes and ended the game at 95 minutes.