The defending champions, Manchester City are “thirsty” for the Premier League title as Guardiola puts it clear that they “want the title back”.

Manchester City clash with the newly crowned Premier League champions, Liverpool was a game worth watching. City offered Liverpool a guard of honor and as soon as the last Liverpool player, Salah, had gone by, Guardiola left for his seat in the dug-out. Probably, the balded coach was plotting the immediate downfall of the team that has not so much taken the Premier League title he has won for the past two seasons.

While Liverpool can dismiss a 4-0 thumping at Etihad, it is through Phil Foden that they can be sure Klopp was right when he said on the eve of the game, “I can’t see the end of anything for Manchester City”.

Will Phil Foden pay off next season?

Debuts have risen about Guardiola handling Phil Foden since he made his debut in November 2017 as former academy team-mate Jadon Sancho prospered after leaving Borussia Dortmund. It appeared the 20-year-old Foden was being left behind.

Rather than quitting or leaving on loan as many had previously suggested, Foden stayed at City.

Guardiola said, “What we have done with him is trying to protect him so that he doesn’t play every game. In this period, you have to be careful in the first steps”.

“He has an incredible thing that makes me have no doubt he can be an incredible player for the next 10 years. There was not one single day since we met each other he had a bad face or bad behavior because he didn’t play”.

“Every action is positive in training sessions. He’s a huge competitor, he scored incredible goals, he is so fast, defensively so strong and he is a reality. He played in Old Trafford, he played today here, and against incredible top teams, and he was there playing at a high level”.

“We can count on him for years to come. As a midfielder, as a winger, as a striker because he has an incredible sense of goal and vision. I don’t want to say anything wrong but Gareth Southgate has an incredible talent for the national team on his hands. I saw many players in my life, I trained with incredible players, and Phil will be one of them”.