Manchester City and other European giants are interested in Erling Haaland. Norway’s golden boy could be a perfect option for many clubs.

Contract that Erling Haaland can’t reject

The Manchester-based team is ready to give a big contract to Erling Haaland. English football experts believe that teams around Erling can’t reject the contract because City management is offering too much money for Erling’s skills. As it’s believed, Haaland will get 700 000 pounds every week which comes down to 2.8 million Pounds a month. Haaland will get around 20 million Pounds every year with the bonuses if he continues scoring at the same pace as he does in German Bundesliga. It’s believed that there are many inclusives in the contract. For instance, English tabloids claim that ‘offer’ will be increased to 170 million Pounds over the next five years. 


Pep Guardiola is in need of a good striker

Manchester City is looking for a new striker. Pep Guardiola is playing a team like before so the management is ready to invest more in the project. Sergio Aguero is leaving the team at the end of the season. That’s why Pep wants to sign a monster striker and let him do the work in the attacking line. Manchester City lacks a real striker this season because in most cases, Sergio Aguero is injured. The Argentinian forward can’t help the team all the time, so Pep wants to sign someone that he can trust for a very long-time. English tabloids write that Pep wants to continue his journey in Manchester for next few years, so signing Erling will be an ideal solution. What will be the position for Erling’s team? Real Madrid is also interesting in Nowegian player’s skills but Los Blancos can’t pay 170 million pounds in contract for over five-years agreement.