The “Cityzens” are waiting for the arbitration decision. The announcement of this decision is scheduled for July 13.

In February, football fans are well aware that UEFA fined Manchester City 30 million for violating the rules of financial fair play. UEFA also banned them from participating in European tournaments for two years from next season.

As you know, the “Cityzens” have filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. It is known that the case was discussed through video communication for three days last month. According to foreign media, the decision should have been announced on July 10, but UEFA demanded its postponement.

And now, according to the DailyMail, the “Cityzens” are waiting for July 13, because the final decision on their case will be announced on this day. The lawyers of the Manchester club are sure that their appeal will be satisfied. If the case will end successfully for them, it also means removing the sentence.

If the club’s lawyers’ expectations are not met, and the sentence remains in force, the team that will finish fifth in the Premier League this season will be in the Champions League next season. That’s because Guardiola’s side are currently second and eight points ahead. In the top four, their trip will be canceled. So, the fifth-place finisher will compete in the most prestigious tournament in Europe. The sixth-ranked will be able to get into the Europa League.

In the current season of the Champions League, Guardiola’s boys are waiting for the return match of the eighth final stage. They will have to get Real Madrid. As you know, the “Cityzens” defeated “Royal Club” 2-1 and took a big step towards the quarterfinals.