Manchester United will probably face serious money issues if they fail to qualify for the Champions League at the end of this season. The club’s accounts will find themselves under financial crisis if they can’t meet the contractual demands and performance to satisfy sponsors’ expectations.

Some sponsors have found out that the club generates enormous revenues, but it squeezes out little profit. The most significant part of the income serves wages, debt, and transfers.

For possessing the Glazer, the club’s inherent worth is that it is a trophy asset. Soon it could become an atrophy asset. While Chelsea stick on to the top four, United could not mount a significant spell of pressure upon them.

After losing the Champions League for a second consecutive season, there will be a reduction in forecasted revenue to around £560-580m.


United need to make some adjustments


In the end, it may be the finances that push United to make some adjustments in their actions. They have a £200m overdraft due in 2025, about £400m owing in 2027 and even more millions due in 2029. The lenders can easily refinance all these. But if they press the club for higher interest rates or lower wages, Manchester United will probably worsen their performance.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also realizes that United are facing to a difficult financial challenge.  But if they reduce current players’ salaries and cannot offer new players higher wages, that could lead the club to a fast decline in performance on and off the pitch.


According to the most reliable statistics, the highest-paid squad tends to be capable of the best performing. They are demonstrating the most pronounced era of underperformance in the PL history. It is evidence to the player, manager, and executive. But everyone still feels the actual cost and influence of this process.