Manchester United manager, Ole Gunner Solskjaer still believes they are a bigger club than Manchester City.

Asked before Saturday’s Manchester derby whether he still regarded United as being bigger, Solskjaer responded with a “yes.”

He added, “It is inarguable we are too far behind. But what are we going to do? Give up? Not challenge them?

In terms of trophy, City will take a long time to catch United. However, off the pitch, the Etihad Stadium club is closing in on United’s financial superiority.

Nonetheless, City manager, Pep Guardiola feels there is more to being a big club than pure silverware.

He knows City fans who reveled in their side’s underdog status two decades ago when they spent four successive campaigns outside the top flight, have always thought of themselves as being equals.

“For United’s fans, they will always be the biggest club. For City fans, they will always be the biggest club. It doesn’t matter if you have had a lot of success in the past. It is part of what you feel.” Said Guardiola.

“I learned about Manchester City’s history. In the bad moments, support was almost higher or louder than.”

“If you are looking at the trophy cabinet, United is better. No doubts about that. Numbers are numbers and in that situation, they have lifted more titles than us. But we are trying to be there for as long as possible and for City fans, the club will always be better.”

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, City has won seven derbies compared to United who has won three. City has amassed a total of 91 points more than United over the past six seasons.

City is 11 points in front of United this season. But Solskjaer said, “We aim to bridge the gap and eventually go past the teams above us. we have the resources and the people to do it.”

“Since I came in, seven players, with loads of experience have gone. We need to rebuild and change the culture.”

“We need to strengthen the squad in-depth and quality. When we get those players in, I am sure the gap is going to close. But do I look like I am going to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on players I am not sure of.”

For now, that means relying on fast attacking players.