Danish midfielder has a contract with Tottenham spurts till the next summer. It was apparent that Zidane wanted to sign Cristian, but finally, Real Madrid decided to stay away from this transfer. Whole transfer window Los Blancos representatives went after Paul Pogba’s transfer, so they could not focus on Eriksen. Even in June of 2019, Danish reporters were writing about “almost ready” transfer, but finally, it did not happen.

Eriksen is frustrated with career options

While talking with reporters today, Eriksen said that it was hard to decide where to go. Danish footballer wishes to “decide career path just like in football manager.” As it seems, the summer transfer window was very stressful for Eriksen. The midfielder could not join the club he wanted to move and finally stayed in north London. Tottenham’s coach said that it’s almost impossible to let Eriksen go. Eriksen scored a goal against Arsenal and gave us a sign that he is happy in London.

Manchester United is planning winter offer

“Red Devils” have severe problems in midfield. Even though Manchester has many top-class footballers in the team, they have lost many points from the start of the season. Manchester’s coach has dangerous about working seriously on midfield game as there is no connection between players on the field.

Eriksen is a perfect target for Manchester. Tottenham representatives want to sell him in winter or extend the contract. Otherwise, Christian will become a free agent in the summer, 2020. According to reports of “The Sun,” Solskjaer is willing to see Danish footballer in his team.

It’s easy for Manchester to buy Danish playmaker in winter for a lower price then it could be in summer. “The Sun” claims that midfielder will join Paul Pogba in winter.

What happened with Real Madrid’s deal?

It’s not a surprise that Zidane has an interest in Eriksen. Spanish newspapers claim that Zinedine decided to switch focus onto Paul, so everything changed. Real Madrid’s offer became lower over time, and Tottenham representatives could not negotiate on price. Real Madrid lacks creative playmaker who can repair the team’s play in attack. Eriksen could be a missing key for Zidane’s side, but the transfer is impossible now.

Danish footballer was happy after north London derby. Eriksen scored an important goal, and his team got the point against Arsenal. Despite midfielder’s smiling face, “The Sun” claims that Danish is not satisfied with his current situation.