Nicky butt met with journalists on Tuesday. The head of Manchester United’s first-team development said that fans must be patient with the youngsters of MU.

Youngsters in Manchester’s history

United was always very friendly with the youngster. If we take a look at history, we could see that most of the Manchester United leaders were very young. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most prominent example of why MU loves youngsters. Sir Alex Ferguson signed Ronaldo when the player was just 18 years old. Ferguson gave him a very strict regime, but Ronaldo was kind enough to endure it and became very successful. Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest star in the world, and the player won five golden balls.

Butt mentioned that Manchester United was always keen on with youngsters. Nicky mentioned the players that joined Manchester at an early age. Head of first development noted Paul Pogba, Martial, Rashford, and Cristiano Ronaldo. At the same time, he asked Academy players to be more patient as their time will come.

Manchester United has a very tough start of the season

Solskjaer’s team has a terrible start of the season. The club is in the 14th position and has only 10 points. Manchester scored ten goals and conceded 9. Because of the lousy start, Solskjaer gave a chance to many young players from the academy.

The first team coach gave a chance to Daniel James, Greenwood, and others. Brandon Williams had a debut against Liverpool, and at the same time, other players from the academy are also training with the central team.

Nicky Butt asked Manchester youngsters to be patient

Manchester United has two games every week. Nicky Butt said that players have to prove that they are best twice every week in front of 70 000 fans. It’s hard for a youngster to keep up with high pressure, but they will get used to it.

Butt asked fans not to create pressure on the youngster. He said that young players would have a perfect career, but they need more to improve. Nicky noted Cristiano’s example and said that with patience, everything is possible.