An investigation is underway in Lazio due to Corona tests. ‘Gazzetta Dello Sport’ writes about new details and potential punishment.

Rome’s Lazio could be in danger of being relegated from Serie A. According to “Gazzetta Dello Sport”, the police entered the Roman club. The reason is some inaccuracies in coronavirus tests.

The police received the right to check the corona documents in the club from the prosecutor’s office. Here’s why there were suspicions about the manipulation of the tests: On October 27, Ciro Immobile, Thomas Strakosha and Lucas Leiva had a positive test on the Covid 19 test. These tests were conducted by UEFA. The trio did not play as a result of the positive responses; however, three days later, Leiva and Immobile went out on the pitch against Torino, while Strakosha was in the squad.

They played because the results of the tests conducted by Lazio were negative. However, before the next match of the Champions League, UEFA tested all three of them again, and the result was positive again! The results of the next tests conducted by Lazio are still negative! It was after this that the investigation began.

The club’s doctor was due to be questioned on Monday but could not report due to illness. The investigation wanted to find out why Lazio did not submit the test answers to the Roman laboratory and why he took them 250 kilometres away, to Avellino. It is not yet known what punishment Lazio could face if the test manipulation is proven. In the worst case, the club will probably be expelled from Serie A, and those responsible will face up to 12 years in prison.